How to Choose your Wedding Photographer

I can only imagine how overwhelming it must be for a couple to decide how to pick the right photographer. So I thought I would help by giving you some questions to think about when picking the photographer that suits you.

Every wedding day is different and every couple want different things. Which is why all my packages are simple, and I let the couples create their own package that suits their wedding day.  Some couples want all day coverage from bride getting ready to the party. Some want lots of wedding books, where others just want a digital wedding. So not to totally confuse you but you need to think about what YOU want first before approaching photographers.

Questions to think about before you approach wedding photographers:

How many hours coverage do you want?

Do you want images of the Bride getting ready & the Groom getting ready?

Do you want photography coverage up to your first dance?

This will be very important – as the more hours you want the more expensive the package will be – as the more images you will get.  So this is good to know when you are setting the budget for your wedding photography. Think about whats most important to you – as this may help picking your package that will fit into your budget.

Make sure the photographer you are choosing has lots of options and don’t get bullied into thinking you need absolutely everything. If you only want the simple and digital option then choose that. I always say to my couples you can come back months or even a year later if and when you are ready to make a wedding book. I keep your images forever.

Lets face it, you are spending a good fortune on the party of your lives – so when looking back at your memories, all you will have are your photos, so make sure they are amazing ones!

I have a huge wedding portfolio of books to show my clients, when I meet them for the first time, so they get to see all the products available to them if they want to add any into their wedding packages.

I also suggest asking your photographer for any other suppliers you may still be looking for. Florist, makeup, dress etc… as a recommended supplier is someone you can trust instead of endless hours of “surfing the web”! This may also help you and take out some stress to finding some of your other suppliers – so use the free and recommended advice!

I have organised, created, & photographed many styled wedding shoots as well as photographing real weddings so have worked & hand picked many wonderful wedding suppliers over the years. I give out a booklet of leaflets with my top recomended suppliers to my couples when I meet them, as I feel this is great added value towards helping organising their wedding.

I hope that this blog was helpful and puts you on the right path to choosing the perfect photographer to fit exactly what you want from your wedding day.

Here is my list of questions to ask your potential wedding photographer:

  • What packages do you offer – and do you have a bespoke package that will suit my wedding timings?
  • What type of books and other goodies do you offer after the wedding & can I order these after the wedding day?
  • What type of style is your photography?
  • Can you recommend any good suppliers that you trust and have worked with?
  • Have you ever been featured on a wedding blog or wedding magazine?
  • Do you offer a pre wedding shoot?
  • How do you work on the wedding day?
  • How long after the wedding do we have to wait until we receive our wedding photos?
  • For our wedding book – do we get to choose what images we want the book? & can you help us do that if we get stuck?
  • Can I view the wedding book and make any changes before it goes to print?
  • Can all my friends & family have access to the photos and get copies of them too?
  • Will I be able to print my own photos if I wanted to?

Now armed and ready with your list of questions, I wish you the best of luck for your wedding day!

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