How I work with my couples before, after and on their wedding day

Insight into how I work with all my wedding clients before & after their wedding

A question couples often ask me, “Is it worth having an “Engagement or Pre wedding shoot?”

I think this really helps you to connect with your photographer. They will see what best poses work with you as a couple and you will also get to know how your photographer works. You will feel connected, and more relaxed when it comes to the big day. Check that this is an option when coming to pick your wedding photographer – as it is a great extra to have if you can afford it! At the end of the day, you need to like who you are working with, so get to know your photographer!

Before your wedding day

I get all my couples to fill in a booking form so I know exactly what is happening on the timings of your day so I am well aware where I need to be & when. I also get my couples to fill out a “group list” before the day so when it comes to group pictures we do not miss any important family or friends.

The group list also helps me as I usually give the list to the best man & ushers to help me round up all your guests, and get it done quicker. We have all been to that wedding where you are standing around for HOURS waiting for the photographer to finish the pictures! NO! This is most definitely not how I work & it should not be like this either. Your day should be filled spending quality  time with your guests not hours taking photos! I make sure of this and do not ever spend more than 20-30 minutes photographing the group pictures. This also allows more time for your bride and groom portraits – as this is when you get to spend some quality time together just each other. Which I think is really important!

On your wedding day

Many of my couple say, “ Shannon I did not even realise you were there!” This is EXACTLY what I want to hear! It means that I did not run or control your day in any way! My job is documenting and telling your story as it unfolds, without posing too many special moments, and just letting them happen naturally.

My style is very relaxed, fun and spontaneous. I work to create magical, natural colorful and fresh images that are personal to you! I also shoot the traditional family pictures, as I feel it is important to get the mix between natural and traditional photos.

After your wedding day

I make it my promise that when you are back from your honeymoon your images will be waiting for you! If you are not going on a honeymoon it is about 2 weeks until you get your images, so you do not have to wait a lifetime to receive them! I think this is a VERY important question to ask any photographer you are thinking of choosing as I have heard horror stories of couple waiting months to see their images.

Your wedding book

Once you have had a look through all your images and relived every moment of  your amazing day, I get YOU to choose all your favorite images, after all it is YOUR wedding book! I have also been round to clients houses as an extra free service to help them pick their images if they need some guidance.

Once you have made your final selection I design the book and send you an online proof. You are then able to make any changes you wish before it goes to print. I fully involve you in the process, as I want the book to be exactly the way YOU want it!

If you have any other question about the way I work please do get in touch!

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