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How to Choose your Wedding Photographer

I can only imagine how overwhelming it must be for a couple to decide how to pick the right photographer. So I thought I would help by giving you some questions to think about when picking the photographer that suits you.

A DIY Doctor’s Wedding Cally & Tom

When I first met Cally she was an array of inspiration and excitement! I’m still not sure where she found the time to create and design everything she did for her wedding, being a Doctor and working extremely silly hours. But she did, and wow what a stunning wedding it was!

Charlotte & JP – A Book Lovers Wedding

Books and teacups hanging from a tree, multicoloured ribbon chairs, balloons and  a piñata, a purple petticoated wedding dress, vintage cocktail bar, VW camper van Photo Booth and the most exquisite wedding breakfast setting you have ever seen! Such an extraordinary, wonderful and beautiful wedding – thank you Charlotte & JP for making your wedding so personal and all about everything you love!

How I work with my couples before, after and on their wedding day

Insight into how I work with all my wedding clients before & after their wedding

The Little Mermaid

The little mermaid has always been my favourite fairytale. Who doesn’t want to be able to swim under the sea, not having to hold your breath AND have an awesome mermaid tail? There is something so mythical, and mysterious about mermaids, and I think we all secretly want to be one!

My Top 10 Wedding Venues

Being a wedding photographer I have been, seen and photographed some breathtaking wedding venues. From Converted Barns, Mansions, Country Houses, Luxurious Hotels and Exquisite Manors.