A DIY Doctor’s Wedding Cally & Tom

When I first met Cally she was an array of inspiration and excitement! I’m still not sure where she found the time to create and design everything she did for her wedding, being a Doctor and working extremely silly hours. But she did, and wow what a stunning wedding it was!

Even though the heavens poured down on us for most of the day, this did not matter, or in anyway effect the brilliance of their day. I even made Tom and all his best men dance with umbrella’s whiling singing ‘We’re singing in the rain!” Everyone was far too busy having so much fun and celebrating this perfect couple!

One of my favourite moments was when Cally descended down the staircase and her father was waiting for her at the bottom. He did exactly the same on his wedding day waiting for Cally’s mom. It was even more extraordinary as the dress Cally’s wore was made from her mothers wedding dress. Everyone had tears in their eyes, including me!

How did you & your hubby meet?

Tom lived with a school friend of mine in halls. When I came to London in 2006 to start my art foundation course I moved in with her. I met him on a night out with her, we had a 30 minute conversation but I was so smashed I didn’t remember him at all.

What was your favourite part of your wedding day and why?

I loved every second of it. The build up with my family and bridesmaids was awesome. There was a moment on the dance floor when we both got crowd-surfed and I remember thinking this is just amazing! But the very best bit was the service. We have been together for 10 years and standing up there with all of our loved ones around us, beautiful music, saying our vows, in the chapel at my old school, which meant so much, was so special, I will never forget it.

Was there anything in particular that inspired your wedding day?

My parents were always keen on the wedding at home, so that gave us a venue, and so much freedom to make it our own day. We had a reasonably traditional wedding, church, reception, marquee, but everyone we encountered on the way was either a friend, or felt like a friend by the wedding day (Shannon- you are included there!). We had so much help from my family and friends, so everything felt so personal. That was really special.

 Tell us about your dress!

My friend hit the nail on the head when she said that everyone seems to think you have a frontal lobotomy when you get married. If you hate dresses, and hate shopping, they suddenly assume that you will love wedding dress shopping. I hated it. So I wore my mum’s dress from 1978, I took it to an incredible seamstress, Sharon, and together we worked out a way to make it more ‘me’. She used mum’s veil to make the sleeves, and waistband, added a cowl and just revamped it. I loved it, and I never thought I would say that about a dress.

 Did you have a wedding theme? If so why did you choose this?

We had a few. Tom is Scottish so we wanted thistles, that inspired the colour scheme. We wanted to maintain the ‘english country’ charm of my parent’s house and Bradfield chapel, Mum’s friend Teesa used foliage from the garden to decorate the staircase and mantle pieces. We wanted to include the mediterranean influence, with the olive trees, succulents, and food choices. I wanted to make the stationary, and we like to recycle, so a lot of that was made from packaging and paper collected over the years. In terms of focus on the day, it was all about family. We are both lucky enough to have grown up in amazing families, and we wanted to celebrate that on our wedding day.

3 Words to describe Cally:

Equisite, fun, determined

3 Words to describe Tom:

Funny, talented, chilled (my rock)

Did you DIY on any aspects of your wedding day? If so please do tell!

Woohoo – of course:

Our very good family friend, Theresa Wright did all of the staircase and mantlepiece decorations – plus other touches alongside my mum. I bought olive trees for the tables and she decorated them with fairy lights, moss and painted the bases.

My parents cultivated the garden over 13 months. Mum did the flowers in the house, and in the garden, she dried petals for the confetti. She made arrangements with troughs and watering cans and so much more.

Tom’s best friend, and master-of-ceremonies, Tim made arrangements with logs and trees in the garden, and helped mum out with the house

I did all of our wedding stationary – I made the invitations, and my mother-in-law (also called Julie) sewed the borders around them, (despite her sewing machine catching fire midway).

I made the place-names, table plans (using recycled packaging) and spent a really chilled weekend painting the images for the table names. I made the orders of service too. I loved every second of it!

The ushers moved all of the furniture to the garage so we could have the reception inside in case of rain. It poured.

Tom’s family friend Kathryn is a trained opera singer and she sang Ave Maria whilst we signed the register. It was so moving and so beautiful.

Our family friend Min supplied us with food leading up to the big day.

My sister wrote a poem for our wedding book.

I’m sure there is more – there was so much DIY. It was great – so personal!

 Advice to other couples getting married:

We have been to a lot of weddings and seen couples let stress affect the day. Things will always go wrong (a lot of things went wrong for us), but no one knows what you were expecting, everyone is there to support you, so don’t forget what it’s all about. It really was the best day of my life, because I married Tom, the rest is just frills and a party.

 What interests do you both have as a couple – and did these influence your day?

We are both doctors, and share interests in medicine. That only influenced us in that half the guests were medics.

We both love scuba-diving, our tables were named after fish from the red sea, and table names were painted images of the fish.

I love art and stationary. That influenced the style and inspired me to make all of our own wedding stationary.

We love travel, and Europe – hence the mediterranean theme and Italian food.

We both love sport and the outdoors, I think thats why we wanted the house to be decorated in foliage, to give it an outdoor feel.

Tom is musical so that influenced all of our music choices.

How was your honeymoon? Where did you go?

It was glorious, we decided to be very middle class and mini-moon. We went to Verona and Lake Garda for 6 days. Both were beautiful and perfect to fight the post-wedding, pre-night shift blues. We want to go to the Maldives next year for a big dive trip.

 Finally, What did you think about your wedding photos?

They are AMAZING! You really captured the day. I can imagine it was a really tough day due to the weather and the big families (trying to get us all on the staircase was hard). But I loved them, you captured the feel of the day, the colours, and the bits I had missed. I love your creativity and your inquisitive mind comes across in the way that you push boundaries with your wedding photography. I’d recommend you to anyone.

 If you have any other comments/stories about your day, please tell us more:

It was just brilliant. I married the man I love, and had all of our friends and family gathered around to celebrate – what more could you ask for?

Cally is one of the most creative and enthusiastic Brides I have worked with. Always designing something, and coming up with new ideas for her wedding. She really was a true delight! Together they make such an inspirational couple, who will never fail to amaze me! I cannot thank them enough for having me as their wedding photographer, it truly was an honour being apart of their incredible wedding day! Thank you Cally & Tom!

Cally & Tom’s Wedding Suppliers:

Dress – Sharon Heider – http://sewfistication.co.uk/sh/

Hair & Makeup – Antonia Krieger at Elle au Naturel

Decorations – Theresa Wright: https://uk.pinterest.com/twdecorations/

Cake -Pangbourne Cheese Shop

Catering – Top Nosh

Venue – mum and dad – not for sale 😉

Marquee – Glen Hughes, Intense Marquees

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