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SLR Wedding Packages

Wedding photography is one of the most important ingredients you add to your delicious wedding day! The memories of your amazing wedding day are captured in your photos - so let me help you remember it forever in the most beautiful, crazy, fun and spectacular way.

My wedding packages start from £1150 and I have a choice of packages for you to choose from.

All packages include

Wedding Coverage

All images - edited, cropped & colour-contrasted

500-800 images depending on the Coverage you have chosen

A selection of images in black and white

DVD of all images in high resolution so you can print your own copies

All images in low resolution ready to upload to Facebook etc

Online link to all images to view, share and download with all your friends & family for free

Option to order wedding books, thank you cards, parent books, prints, stickers, postcards and other fabulous goodies!

Please contact me for more information and I will send you my wedding packages.


My Wedding Photography Bucket List

I love things that are unique, different and quirky. I love being a wedding photographer - I get to spend the best day of your lives with you and I get to create your timeless wedding story. This inspires me to make your wedding totally individual. We will have loads of crazy fun and lots of laughs while I am capturing your beautiful and unique pictures for you to relive and shout, “Best day ever!”

I have a bucket list of weddings that I would love to experience and shoot. If your wedding includes any of these things, I will offer you an exclusive discount!

  • An international wedding - Caribbean, South Africa, Paris, Hawaii, Bali - come on, even Australia - I would go anywhere (I love to travel!)
  • Wedding in a Zoo - such fun - hearing lions ROAR throughout the speeches & everything!
  • A wedding underwater - in an aquarium or on a boat. (I love the sea, water and sea life!)
  • An outdoor forrest wedding - with big trees surrounding you. (Yes ok, I’ll admit it - the Twilight wedding made me squeak!)
  • Farmers wedding - had tractors, horse & cart and even jumping groomsmen!
  • Traditional Japanese wedding with cherry blossoms, kimonos and lots of sake. (Yum!)
  • Fancy dress wedding - with lots of big wigs and ridiculous costumes. (I love fancy dress!)
  • Skydiving wedding - where the Bride & Groom arrive together jumping out of a plane. (Oh come on this would be amazing!)
  • Indian wedding - 2 days of celebrating, 2 wedding dresses, 2 venues and the most incredible colours, jewellery & food you have ever seen! (I would LOVE to do more please!)
  • Fairytale themed wedding - in a castle, so they can live happily ever after! (I am a BIG Disney fan and general fairytale addict! (See all of my fairytale wedding shoots I have created.)
  • Multicoloured themed wedding - with polka dots and stripes too! (I LOVE LOVE LOVE lots of bright colours!)
  • Greek wedding - crazy dancing and money EVERYWHERE! It was amazing! (More most definitely wanted please!)
  • Tattoo wedding - ink it up with Bride, Groom and Guests. (Tattoos tell great stories. I really am in awe of people who have them - no not me personally -  too scared of needles ... but love photographing them!)
  • Weddings with cats, dogs, monkeys and elephants - generally any animals attending would be amazing fun! (I LOVE animals, especially cats ... meow!)
  • Slovakian wedding - in Slovakia, with smashing plates, dancing till your feet fell off, 15 cakes and a 4am finish! (Amazing - definitely want more of these please!)
  • Wedding on a beach - with cocktails, sandals, flower arch, confetti & sunshine! (On a beach is where I feel most at home ... with the sea and waves crashing at my feet.)
  • Surfers’ wedding - Bride and Groom catching the waves in their full attire! (This is my ultimate dream wedding!)

My bucket list isn't complete, I could go on forever - I have so many crazy wedding ideas & dreams. So, I’m sure I will be adding lots more to my list.  But if you think you can help me cross off some of the above, please do send me a message ... eeeek!


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