Once Upon A Time ...

Once upon a time in a magical kingdom ( Oxfordshire) there was a beautiful Wedding Queen ( Georgina Webb ) and a colourful photo fairy ( Shannon Lee Robinson) working together at a glorious wedding where they first met in December 2011.  

Best Flash Mob Wedding Proposal EVER!

One very sunny Saturday afternoon on the 22nd February in the Oxford Castle quarter something spectacular and very secret was taking place!! 

Yellow Bubble Shoot

Not only am I a wedding photographer.. but I am also a creative director at heart. I have SO many ideas bursting at the edges of my brain, that some times I just have to let them out! So I joined forces with a very brilliant furniture designer Loupe from Occenca  and a few other amazing wedding suppliers and this is what happened!


Itching to do another shoot to follow on from the weird and wonderful yellow bubble shoot to release my creative juices... I joined forces with the gorgeous and very talented Georgina Webb - from Ruby Weddings. I met Georgina at the wedding of Sam & Shane’s on the 10th December 2011. Sneaky peak at their wedding set up... look at her fabulous work! 

Styles of photography

There are a lot of words describing wedding photographers now - “ Documentary”, “Reportage”, “Editorial” to name but a few and I thought I would explain exactly what they all meant.. and what it means for you!

How to choose the right wedding package & Photographer that works for you!

I can only imagine how overwhelming it must be for a couple to decide how to pick the right photographer. So I thought I would help by giving you some helpful things to think about when picking the photographer and wedding package that suits you.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

You get asked this question a lot when you are younger.. and in all honesty I wanted to be an actress - I wanted my name in lights! I studied performing arts & Photography at A level... but performing arts took priority and I went to endless auditions to get into acting school.

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