Festival Wedding in Kent - Nick & Emily

This wedding was simply one word. Epic. 

Tipis. Fields. Wellie Wanging. Food in Baskets. Badminton. Croquet. Coconut shy. Tug of War. Breathtaking Sunset. Bon Fire. Fire Works. I literally did not put my camera down for a solid 12 hours in fear of missing out on the constant action!

While editing these images, I had tears streaming down my face one minute then laughing in hysterics the next. There was so much emotion and happiness that filled this day, I am just so grateful to have been their wedding photographer. 

Nick & Emily have so much love for each other. You can see and feel their love through every single image. A truly magical couple. 

So without further ado, please meet Emily & Nick … 

How did you two meet? 

We met at 4am in Gatwick airport, through our mutual friends who'd arranged for us all to go snowboarding together. He says I was grumpy, I say he was far too chatty for 4 in the morning ;)    

What was your favourite part of your wedding day and why?

Tug of war and the bonfire! It was so much fun even though people were worried about my dress! It was totally worth it... the girls won and the dress survived!  

Nick  Emily   35

Was there anything in particular that inspired your wedding day?

The one thing we wanted it to be was relaxed and of course fun! We ended up going with festival vibes mixed with a school sports day! We had welly wanging, badminton, croquet, a coconut shy and tug of war. It turned out super relaxed and informal and loads of fun!

Why did you choose your particular wedding venue?

Nick grew up in the countryside where the reception was held, and it was just down the road from the Village Church where we had our ceremony. We really felt the whole village was behind us, especially when it wouldn't stop raining in the weeks leading up to the day and they reassured us that the villagers would pull together and carry things into the fields if the vehicles couldn't get in!  In the end, the sun came out and we had being in such a rural setting was a dream come true. 

Nick  Emily   29

3 Words to describe Emily:

Gorgeous, hilarious and kind.

3 Words to describe Nick:

Funny, extrovert, infectious (in a good way)


Butterflies! I always tell Nick I have butterflies in my tummy when I'm nervous, which I knew I would be on the day, so decided to embrace it and let the butterflies run the day! They ended up everywhere, as motifs on the invites and orders of service, climbing up the wedding cake, name cards, guest book, confetti and even a butterfly garden entwined in my hair. 

Nick  Emily   51

Did you DIY on any aspects of your wedding day? 

Nick DIY'd a whole coconut shy the day before the wedding, built a ramp for vehicles to access the site, fashioned a mic stand for my Dad the night before the wedding.  

The weather was awful in the weeks before the wedding so the field couldn't be bailed. Nick and I spent the weekend before the day raking the field and wheelbarrowing away the long grass with his mum to clear space for the tents to come in. It did mean we ended up with a nice tan from working in the fields!  We also asked all of our guests for 3 songs to make a wedding playlist for the day, we ended up with over 6 hours worth of tunes hand picked by our guests.   

We took up offers of help from friends. For instance, one of my bridesmaids made our wedding cake, it was beautiful and just what we wanted.. huge! Our friend made 60 metres of blue and purple bunting to decorate the tents, and used her calligraphy talents on the name cards. Other friends made us an amazing guest box where guests could sign jenga blocks and playing cards which mean we'll be reminded of the day everytime we play them. 

Nick  Emily   27

Advice to other couples getting married:

1. Decide early on whats important to you and keep that as your focus.  

2. Enjoy the planning process and use it as an opportunity for family and friends to get to know each other/bond.

3. Remember why you're getting married in the first place

What interests do you both have as a couple - and did these influence your day?

We're both really competitive so this definitely influenced our choice of games, ie. who could throw the welly the furthest (Nick) and the tug of war (Emily, and no matter what he says, he didn't let me win!)

How was your honeymoon? Where did you go?

We did a US road-trip- San Fran, Yosemite, Vegas and Grand Canyon! It was crazy and everything we hoped for. We hiked in Yosemite and Grand Canyon, played blackjack in Vegas and watched an ultra-marathon in Death Valley!

Finally, What did you think about your wedding photos?

Love love love them. Totally relaxed, capturing all the unique moments of the day, meaning we had more time to spend with loved ones and really relive the atmosphere of the day through our photos. 

So glad you love your images Nick & Emily! I am just so happy I got to be your photographer. Here are some of my favourites ... 

Nick  Emily - 01

Nick  Emily - 02

Nick  Emily - 03

Nick  Emily   04

Nick  Emily - 05

Nick  Emily - 06

Nick  Emily   07

Nick  Emily - 08

Nick  Emily - 09

Nick  Emily - 10

Nick  Emily - 11

Nick  Emily   12

Nick  Emily - 13

Nick  Emily - 14

Nick  Emily   15

Nick  Emily - 16

Nick  Emily - 17

Nick  Emily - 18

Nick  Emily - 19

Nick  Emily - 20

Nick  Emily - 21

Nick  Emily - 22

Nick  Emily - 23

Nick  Emily - 24

Nick  Emily - 25

Nick  Emily - 28

Nick  Emily - 30

Nick  Emily - 31

Nick  Emily - 32

Nick  Emily   33

Nick  Emily - 34

Nick  Emily - 36

Nick  Emily - 37

Nick  Emily - 38

Nick  Emily - 39

Nick  Emily - 40

Nick  Emily - 41

Nick  Emily - 42

Nick  Emily - 43

Nick  Emily - 44

Nick  Emily - 45

Nick  Emily - 46

Nick  Emily - 47

Nick  Emily - 48

Nick  Emily - 49

Nick  Emily   50 

Their Wedding Suppliers: 

Dress: Something Old Something New 

Hair & Makeup: Lauren Filer 

Decorations: Helen Liang (Bunting and name card calligraphy)

Cake: Chantal Percival (aka Bridesmaid!)


Venue: Wedding Reception:

Tent: Bell tents

Signature blue


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