A Dutch, Colombian and British Wedding - Alex & Mel

Alex and Mel are not entirely sure how they met but somehow Mel ended up with Alex’s phone number. Alex was going home from sailing one day and received a text from Mel asking“ Who are you?” Naturally Alex sent the same question back to her. They ended exchanging texts for a good hour or more and Alex then decided it would be foolish not to ask her out to dinner. So he did! 

They met just before the school summer holidays, which meant Mel was going to go on a extended holiday. They managed to get 3 dates in Singapore before Mel had to go to her first stop in Hong Kong. Alex then found himself in Hong Kong for a long weekend. Needless to say, Mel was obviously worth flying to Hong Kong for a date, as here we are at their beautiful wedding day! 

When I met Alex and Mel they were living in Singapore, and a year they decided to move back to England, only weeks before their wedding day! Luckily they had Georgina, their wedding planner organising everything for them so they could focus on moving continents! 

What was your favourite part of your wedding day and why?

There were so many amazing elements to our wedding. Firstly, the whole thing looked sensational! After the lovely (short and sweet) ceremony, we loved being able to relax in the sun, over looking the Manor House. To see all out friends and family in that setting with a Colombian Cumbia band, Prosecco and canapés was pretty awesome!

Alex  Mel - 16

Alex  Mel - 17

Was there anything in particular that inspired your wedding day?

I had a colour theme in mind and that basically influenced the sort of ‘look’ we were aiming for. I loved the idea of blush and glitter. Sort of elegant with a sense of fun. With that and a good chat with Georgina, she started to bring things to life for us. I found it difficult to verbalise the image in my head. She was able to see my ideas and make them real.

Why did you choose your particular wedding venue?

Choosing  wedding venue from Singapore was no easy feat! We knew we wanted it to be in Oxfordshire because of Alex’s family. That was the easy part. We then trolled through websites and picked our top 5 based on images and reviews. We had a small army of family who were keen to help out and they were our eyes for us. Ultimately, it was a unanimous decision that Weston on the Green was the favourite. Although it was viewed in the winter, you could see there was something special about the Manor House. It was perfect!

Alex  Mel   25

Did you have a wedding theme?

We didn’t have a theme as such but we wanted to highlight all our cultures. The venue itself was very English and full of history, so I wanted to be sure there were elements throughout that reflected my culture as well. I am half Dutch, half Colombian; so we had Tulips in my bouquet, a mixture of Dutch, Colombian and British canapés. We had a Colombian coffee shop and a Dutch gin and tonic stand. We had roughly 20 different nationalities at our wedding and people who flew from New Zealand, China and America (to name a few), so it was important to us to reflect different cultures. We felt the love from all over the world!

Alex  Mel - 37

Alex  Mel - 38

3 Words to describe Mel:

Loyal, determined and funny

3 Words to describe Alex:

Generous, fun and mine.

Did you DIY on any aspects of your wedding day?

We didn’t do a lot ourselves. Georgina was that good! We basically only did the party favours and the children’s boxes of toys. When I say ‘we’, I mean our parents :)

We had a trio of sweet things- Chocolate covered coffee beans from Colombia, Rock Candy from England and Speculoos cookies from Holland. They were each in a little bag that said ‘Made in Britain/Colombia/Holland'.

Alex  Mel   40

Advice to other couples getting married:

Do not move country and have a wedding at the same time! We ended up having all our furniture arrive the day before the wedding, we were unpacking boxes and moving furniture instead of relaxing and pampering ourselves. I had my manicure booked on the same day and ruined it an hour later when carrying things up the stairs. It was madness. Advice for the day - try not to feel the pressure of playing hostess and enjoy, drink, eat and dance! It really is your day, so if you missed chatting to a couple people, you can make it up to them another time!

What interests do you both have as a couple - and did these influence your day?

It is not really a shared interest, more something Alex likes and Mel tolerates but Alex loves birds and we had names each table after a bird that meant something to him or to someone sitting on that table. we then had vintage pictures of the birds on each table to show people what they looked like. 

Alex  Mel   15

How was your honeymoon? Where did you go?

We had so much going on that we couldn’t even fathom the idea of planning a honeymoon. However, we are going to a wedding in Florence this August and decided to take a few extra days before to do something nice and relaxing on Elba island. 

Finally, What did you think about your wedding photos?

We were so excited when we both received our email with the link to our photos. The day couldn’t have gone slower as we wanted to go through them together with a glass a wine. It was great to have so many choices and every time we saw one we loved, a few frames later, there would be one we loved even more. Shannon was very easy to work with. I don’t really enjoy having my photo taken and prefer a more natural approach. Shannon was able to deliver that and make the more posed photos less awkward for us. Plus you get your USB in a cute little box with treats! What more could you ask for?

Thank you Mel & Alex, I hope you have settled into your new home, and have a great time in Florence! 

Here are some of my favourite images from their stunning day … 

Alex  Mel - 01

Alex  Mel - 02

Alex  Mel - 03

Alex  Mel - 04

Alex  Mel - 05

Alex  Mel   06

Alex  Mel - 07

Alex  Mel - 08

Alex  Mel - 09

Alex  Mel - 10

Alex  Mel - 11

Alex  Mel - 12

Alex  Mel - 13

Alex  Mel - 14

Alex  Mel - 18

Alex  Mel - 19

Alex  Mel - 20

Alex  Mel - 21

Alex  Mel - 22

Alex  Mel - 23

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Alex  Mel - 26

Alex  Mel - 27

Alex  Mel - 28

Alex  Mel - 30

Alex  Mel - 31

Alex  Mel - 32

Alex  Mel - 33

Alex  Mel - 34

Alex  Mel - 36

Alex  Mel - 39

Alex  Mel - 41

Alex  Mel - 42

Alex  Mel   43

Alex  Mel - 44

Their Wedding Suppliers:

Hair: Melissa Kassinen - 

Dress: Jesus Peiro

Makeup: I did my own makeup

Flowers : Atelier Emmanuel - 

Cake: Claire Owens Cakes

Venue: Weston Manor on the Green

Wedding Planner: Georgina Webb -

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