Faye & Paul’s Relaxed Wedding Down the Pub!

Faye was one of my closest friends at high school, which makes that over 15 years ago if you want to make us feel old! *Yikes! When she asked me to be her wedding photographer I was extremely excited that I was going to be apart of her wedding day!  

Faye & Paul are massive dog lovers & have Sebbi who is a Pug cross Pom, Roxy who is Pug cross Jack Russell and Reggie the French bulldog. They even made an appearance on their wedding day for a mini dog wedding shoot! Super cute! 

Faye  Paul   20

They met 10 years ago as they worked next door to each other.  Paul used to come into the shop every day for his lunch, where Faye worked, sometimes more than once a day. Faye just thought he was a very hungry boy! Turns out he was trying to ask Faye out! What she also didn't realise was that Paul knew her boss and that he had seen Faye having her interview and told her boss to give her the job! 

Many sandwiches later and here we are at their wedding day ... 

What was your favourite part of your wedding day and why?

My favourite part of the day was probably the speeches. Especially Paul's. I knew he was nervous but he did an amazing speech which had everyone laughing and crying.

Was there anything in particular that inspired your wedding day?

I found a beautiful drop box style guest book online. It was made of weathered oak and hessian, loved it. I couldn't believe my luck when my brother bought it for me! I got the inspiration for the pastel colours from the little felted birds I bought as a cake topper.

Faye  Paul   28

Why did you choose your particular wedding venue?

We chose the Barn at the Hare and Hounds because we wanted a more relaxed atmosphere. We just wanted it to feel like a night out with friends and family.

3 Words to describe Faye:

(I asked Paul for my 3 words - don't laugh) Caring, kind and ...juicy...sigh, he nearly had it…

3 Words to describe Paul:

Funny, hard-working and patient

Faye  Paul   42

Did you DIY on any aspects of your wedding day? If so please do tell!

I made: 

Save the date cards


Order of service 

Bridesmaids hair slides, earrings and bracelets 

Flower girls head bands 

Place cards 


Seating chart 

Centre pieces 

My brother Marc made the table numbers and candle holders

Card box 

My veil and belt 

And the wedding cake! 

Faye  Paul   30

Do you have any advice to other couples getting married?

Give yourself time to do everything. Make lots of lists! 

What interests do you both have as a couple - and did these influence your day?

We are both completely different people interest and hobby wise but at the same time we are very alike in the way we didn't want to  be the centre of attention. That's why we chose The Barn and had a live band to make it feel like it was just a good night out down the pub.

How was your honeymoon? Where did you go?

Paul surprised me with trip to Ireland the day after the wedding so I could lay my bouquet on my Dad's grave. It was so thoughtful, I mentioned it months and months before the wedding, no idea how he remembered that! We then went to Hayling Island and spent a few days on the beach with our dogs. We are planning to have a little trip away somewhere hot too.

Finally, What did you think about your wedding photos?

We love the photos. Considering we hate having our picture taken and probably gave Shannon a hard time - they turned out great! We both normally hate seeing pictures of ourselves but Shannon did an amazing job and everyone loves them!

"I just want to say a massive thank you to you Shannon, you have no idea how happy you've made us with your photos, we cannot thank you enough!"

Wow, that brought a tear to my eye, as I know how uncomfortable Faye is in front of a camera, so this really made me smile. I am so glad they are both so happy with their wedding images. Thank you Faye and Paul for letting me be apart of your special day, it truely was an honor! 

Here are some of my favourites … 

 Faye  Paul - 01

Faye  Paul - 02

Faye  Paul - 03

Faye  Paul - 04

Faye  Paul   05

Faye  Paul - 06

Faye  Paul - 07

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Faye  Paul - 10

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Faye  Paul - 13

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Faye  Paul - 15

Faye  Paul - 16

Faye  Paul - 17

Faye  Paul - 18

Faye  Paul - 19

Faye  Paul - 21

Faye  Paul - 22

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Faye  Paul - 26

Faye  Paul - 27

Faye  Paul - 30

Faye  Paul - 31

Faye  Paul - 32

Faye  Paul - 33

Faye  Paul - 34

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Faye  Paul - 39

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Their Wedding Suppliers: 

Hair: Hayley Wyatt

Flowers: Flowers from Sarah - Another lovely lady. She managed to understand just what I wanted and she can work to any budget you want. 

Dress: Butterfly Boutique - Lovely ladies with a great selection of dresses, all shapes and sizes.

I would also like to mention the lovely Helen from Sew Loving - Bridal, Dressmaking, Alterations in Newbury. I completely redesigned my dress and Helen did all the work and alterations, as well as the bridesmaid dresses. It was a lot of work and when I went to try on my dress for the last time I had lost a bit of weight and the dress had to be taken in all over, even though Helen was fully booked she had it done by the next day and had done an amazing job. 

Makeup: Me 

Decorations: I bought them online & the staff at the Barn decorated 

Cake: Me 

Catering & Venue: The Barn at The Hare and Hounds - Jonathan from the Barn was absolutley brillaint and all his staff too! He was so amazingly organised and practically planned and ran the whole day down to the last detail, we couldn't of done it without him! 

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