Rebecca & Andrew’s Country Garden Wedding at Combe Manor

Andrew and Rebecca first met when she worked in the health club opposite his office. Their first date was walking along the canal path in Kintbury with the dogs.  She says this was a test of sorts, to see if the dogs liked him. If they did then he was a keeper!

The dogs must have liked Andrew …  a lot! As here we are viewing their gorgeous wedding day. I asked Rebecca & Andrew to share their story with us, here is what they had to say … 

What was your favourite part of your wedding day? 

“It’s so hard to pick a favourite part, it went by so quickly as everyone said it would. Saying I do and seeing all of our family and friends be there for us was extremely moving. When we left the church we took a indirect route to the venue, this was lovely as we were able to absorb what had just happened and spend some time just us together. Andrew's favourite part was the whole day; If he had to pick a moment he'd say the last dance will be something he'll always remember - the band struck up 'Hey Jude' something we would have never chosen and we were stood in the middle of our friends and family who circled around us with everyone singing - and obviously saying I do.” 

Was there anything in particular that inspired your wedding day?

“For us it was to be as relaxed as we like to be as a couple. I always knew I wanted to marry Becca and we always knew where the location would be. “

Rebecca  Andrew   26

Why did you choose your particular wedding venue?

“I (Rebecca) grew up a stones throw away and have always loved the area. My Mum has been the gardener at Coombe Manor for many years as well as helping with the weddings, it wouldn't have felt right not to have it there.”

Did you have a wedding theme? If so why did you choose this?

“Green and white, although our favourite colour blue then snuck in. We wanted it to be as laid back as possible and country garden themed but with NO hessian!”

3 Words to describe Rebecca: 

'Makes-me-smile'.... Other suggestions aren't suitable for public viewing lol. ;) 

3 Words to describe Andrew:

Funny, thoughtful and good-looking!!

Rebecca  Andrew   34

Did you DIY on any aspects of your wedding day? If so please do tell!

“We made our wedding signs to make sure guests didn’t get lost around the country lanes and our wedding post box, both of which were blue. We always said we weren't going to do a DIY wedding, neither of us are particularly creative and we decided it wasn't worth the hassle. Everyone chipped in to help with the flowers orchestrated by my mother who planned it all!”

Have you got any advice to other couples getting married? 

Andrew - “Enjoy the day, don’t worry about buying the best everything, get the important bits sorted early and everything else will fall into place if you stay relaxed.”

Becca - “Do what you as a couple want. Some decisions may be hard but it's your day and it's all about you. At the end of the day it will go so quickly you can't worry over the small things. “

What interests do you both have as a couple - and did these influence your day?

“Walking our puppy Amber, although unfortunately we couldn’t organise it for her to be there on the day. We did want her to be the ring bearer. She did feature on the information maps we sent out with the invites and on our table plans!”

Rebecca  Andrew   44

How was your honeymoon? Where did you go?

“We went to The Maldives. It was a very long trip but it felt like another world! Incredible!”

Finally, What did you think about your wedding photos?

Andrew : “We absolutely love them. Mostly we went with a photographer whose portfolio looked like it was full of fun weddings where photos weren’t too staged. All of the photos show people smiling and we’ll treasure them forever.”

Becca: “Shannon came as a recommendation from our catering company. Having looked at her photos we arranged a meeting and from the instant we sat down in Costa's I knew she was the one! Shannon has the ability that all wedding photographers strive for, she is able to capture these special moments without you realising she is there. When you're with her she is fun and imaginative and put up with all of the requests from the grooms party for silly shots! The photos that have come back are stunning!”

Wow, what lovely words, thank you so much Rebecca and Andrew! Your wedding was so much fun and you two are the most wonderful couple. I am so happy I got to be the one to photograph your stunning day! 

Here are some of my favourite images from their day …

Rebecca  Andrew - 01

Rebecca  Andrew - 02

Rebecca  Andrew - 03

Rebecca  Andrew - 04

Rebecca  Andrew - 05

Rebecca  Andrew - 06

Rebecca  Andrew - 07

Rebecca  Andrew - 08

Rebecca  Andrew - 09

Rebecca  Andrew - 10

Rebecca  Andrew - 11

Rebecca  Andrew - 12

Rebecca  Andrew - 14

Rebecca  Andrew - 15

Rebecca  Andrew - 16

Rebecca  Andrew - 17

Rebecca  Andrew - 18

Rebecca  Andrew - 19

Rebecca  Andrew - 20

Rebecca  Andrew   21

Rebecca  Andrew   22

Rebecca  Andrew - 23

Rebecca  Andrew - 24

Rebecca  Andrew - 27

Rebecca  Andrew - 28

Rebecca  Andrew - 29

Rebecca  Andrew - 30

Rebecca  Andrew - 31

Rebecca  Andrew - 32

Rebecca  Andrew - 33

Rebecca  Andrew - 35

Rebecca  Andrew - 36

Rebecca  Andrew - 37

Rebecca  Andrew - 38

Rebecca  Andrew - 39

Rebecca  Andrew - 40

Rebecca  Andrew - 41

Rebecca  Andrew - 42

Rebecca  Andrew - 43

Rebecca  Andrew - 45

Rebecca  Andrew - 46

Rebecca  Andrew - 47

Rebecca  Andrew - 48

Rebecca  Andrew - 49

Rebecca  Andrew - 50

Rebecca  Andrew - 51

Rebecca  Andrew - 52

Rebecca  Andrew   53

Rebecca  Andrew - 54

Rebecca  Andrew - 55


Hair & Makeup: Tori Harris Tori was fantastic!

Dress: Benjamin Roberts from Mrs Jones however this was majorly altered by the talented Helen from without whom there was no way I'd been able to wear it, or love it

Decorations: Becca's Mother!

Cake: Anna from not only did it taste incredible but she made the perfect monkeys!

Catering: The Wild Fork - best chicken pie and sticky sausage canapés ever!

Venue: Combe Manor

Signature blue

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