Jason & Clair, at the Bear

When I first met Jason and Clair I was drawn into their crazy beautiful wedding plans to take place at the Bear in Hungerford, and couldn't wait to be apart of their big day!

Clair is very creative and along with her daughter made lots of gorgeous flower pieces that were featured everywhere. There were little surprises around every corner, and so many beautiful intricate details to this wedding, that made it truly magical! 

Jason  Clair   34

Being from South Africa, Clair also managed to include some pretty South African feathers within the flower arrangements, and also some extraordinary treasures for all their guests to enjoy. 

Jason  Clair   37

The rain clouds did not stop us at all, and I managed to get some lovely photos by the river. Clair & Jason were so much fun to work with. They are such a wonderful, fun and happy couple. 

Jason  Clair   22

Jason & Clair's after thoughts … 

“Once the confetti has been thrown and the last dance has been had, the memories of our special day would be what remained. Therefore we went through a long process of choosing our photographer so we could ensure we captured the joy and essence of our marriage. We were so delighted to have chosen to work with Shannon, her approach is fantastic making us feel at ease and ensuring she captured the images that reflected the day in the way we wanted. On the big day she made us feel at ease and produced photography that is simply stunning, we cannot recommend her highly enough. She will ensure your memories will make you smile every time you revisit the photo album.” 

Such beautiful words … thank you Jason and Clair for choosing me as your wedding photographer! Here are some of my favourites …  

Jason  Clair - 01

Jason  Clair - 02

Jason  Clair   03

Jason  Clair - 04

Jason  Clair - 05

Jason  Clair - 06

Jason  Clair - 07

Jason  Clair   08

Jason  Clair - 09

Jason  Clair - 10

Jason  Clair - 11

Jason  Clair - 12

Jason  Clair - 13

Jason  Clair - 14

Jason  Clair - 15

Jason  Clair - 16

Jason  Clair   17

Jason  Clair - 18

Jason  Clair - 19

Jason  Clair - 20

Jason  Clair   21

Jason  Clair - 22

Jason  Clair - 23

Jason  Clair   24

Jason  Clair   25

Jason  Clair   26

Jason  Clair - 27

Jason  Clair   28

Jason  Clair - 29

Jason  Clair   30

Jason  Clair   31

Jason  Clair   32

Jason  Clair - 33

Jason  Clair - 35

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