A Wedding in an 18th-Century Cotswold Barn!

My first wedding of the season, was kick started with an awesome couple, Liz & Chris. Their wedding was set in the heart of the beautiful British countryside in a lovely old 18th-century Cotswold barn.

 Liz  Chris   24

Cripps Barn is a photographers dream, it is truly impressive. Lots of light, but still warm and intimate. A feel of ancient architecture but with a wonderful modern twist. The flowers (made by Love From Katie) were dangled impressively from the ceiling and dressed entirely over the flower place, made the barn look totally magical. 

Even though winter’s chill is still mingling in the air, we managed to do lots of photos outside. Liz & Chris - or Chiz as they are known by their friends, are the most chilled out relaxed, happy couple. 

Liz  Chris   19

I met Liz about 10 years ago when we were both working in a Bar/Restaurant in Newbury.  Oh how times have changed since then hey Liz! When Liz contacted me and said she was getting married, I was super thrilled that I was going to photograph her wedding! 

They had a magician (Richard Parsons) who was absolutely amazing! I must admit I was “photographing” (ok, following) him around the tables trying to figure out how he did his tricks, and even after the 4th time watching the same trick, I was still left amazed and baffled! 

Liz  Chris   18

It was a wonderful day, and I just want to thank Liz and Chris for choosing me to be their wedding photographer, it was truly an honour to be apart of your incredible day! Thank You. 

Here are some of my favourites … 

Liz  Chris - 01

Liz  Chris - 02

Liz  Chris - 03

Liz  Chris - 04

Liz  Chris - 05

Liz  Chris   066

Liz  Chris   07

Liz  Chris   08

Liz  Chris - 09

Liz  Chris - 10

Liz  Chris - 11

Liz  Chris - 12

Liz  Chris - 13

Liz  Chris - 14

Liz  Chris - 16

Liz  Chris - 17

Liz  Chris - 20

Liz  Chris - 21

Liz  Chris - 22

Liz  Chris - 23

Liz  Chris - 25

Liz  Chris - 26

Liz  Chris - 27

Liz  Chris - 28

Liz  Chris - 29

Liz  Chris - 30

Liz  Chris - 31

Liz  Chris - 32

Liz  Chris - 33

Liz  Chris - 34

Liz  Chris - 35

Liz  Chris - 36

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