The Little Mermaid

The little mermaid has always been my favourite fairytale. Who doesn't want to be able to swim under the sea, not having to hold your breath AND have an awesome mermaid tail? Me!!! I definitely want to be a mermaid! There is something so mythical, and mysterious about mermaids, and I think we all secretly want to be one. 

Well luckily for Megan (Briar Rose Blog) and us - she got to play our beautiful Ariel, along with her husband Grant, who played Eric. We were shooting in one of the most dramatic coastlines of the UK, in a magical place called Durdle Door on the Lulworth Estate in Dorset. An epic setting for our striking photo shoot. 

It was like being in a dream all day. I absolutely love my job. It takes me to places I thought only existed in my wild imagination. 

Our story begins when Ariel is washed up from the sea in search of the love of her life, Eric. They find each other and, no time to waste, are married by the rocks. They have their wedding breakfast on the sea shore, just about close enough to stick their toes in the water. Ariel is then whisked off to Eric's castle, where of course they both live happily ever after ... 

Little Mermaid - 01 Little Mermaid - 02

Little Mermaid - 03

Little Mermaid - 04

Little Mermaid - 05

Little Mermaid - 06

Little Mermaid - 07

Little Mermaid - 08

Little Mermaid - 09

Little Mermaid - 10

Little Mermaid - 11

Little Mermaid - 12

Little Mermaid - 13

Little Mermaid - 14

Little Mermaid - 15

Little Mermaid - 16

Little Mermaid - 17

Little Mermaid - 18

Little Mermaid - 19

Little Mermaid - 20

Little Mermaid - 21

Little Mermaid - 22

Little Mermaid - 23

Little Mermaid - 24

Little Mermaid - 25

Little Mermaid - 26

Little Mermaid - 27

Little Mermaid - 28

Little Mermaid - 29

Little Mermaid - 30

Little Mermaid - 31

Little Mermaid - 32

Little Mermaid - 33

Little Mermaid - 34

Little Mermaid - 35

 This shoot was definitely one of the most challenging, not only did we have to walk down a thousand steps just to get down to the beach, we also had to deal with the crazy winds, the rough seas, the cold sand… oh and a few hundred tourists too. So I really cannot thank our dream team enough for just being so incredible! 

Styling – Ruby Weddings

Photographer – SLR Photography

Venue – Lulworth Estate

Flowers – Helen Ffoulkes-Jones Flowers 

Hair & Makeup – Perfectly Posh Hair Design

Cake – Special Moments

Jewellery – Emily Fermor Jewellery

Linen – Magpie Linens 

Dress & Mermaid Tail – Susie Grist Couture

Models – Megan & Grant McMinn

Shoot Assistant & Behind the Scenes Photographer – Terry Webb

Photographer Assistant – Tanika Hawkins


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