A DIY Doctor’s Wedding ~ Cally & Tom

When I first met Cally she was full of inspiration and excitement! I'm still not sure where she found the time to create and design everything she did for her wedding, being a Doctor and working extremely silly hours. But she did, and wow what a stunning wedding it was! 

Wedding in an Old Mill ~ Rebecca & Marc

I met Rebecca & Marc at Dave and Chloe’s wedding I photographed, and will never forget it. It was one of the most fun, chilled weddings filled with so much laughter. I think the best thing about it was their friends. They were so friendly and welcoming and all treated me like I was apart of their gang. Rebecca was Chloe’s bridesmaid, and I was so thrilled when she asked me to be her photographer! 

Festival Wedding in Kent - Nick & Emily

This wedding was simply one word. Epic. 

Tipis. Fields. Wellie Wanging. Food in Baskets. Badminton. Croquet. Coconut shy. Tug of War. Breathtaking Sunset. Bon Fire. Fire Works. I literally did not put my camera down for a solid 12 hours in fear of missing out on the constant action!

A Dutch, Colombian and British Wedding - Alex & Mel

Alex and Mel are not entirely sure how they met but somehow Mel ended up with Alex’s phone number. Alex was going home from sailing one day and received a text from Mel asking“ Who are you?” Naturally Alex sent the same question back to her. They ended exchanging texts for a good hour or more and Alex then decided it would be foolish not to ask her out to dinner. So he did! 

Faye & Paul’s Relaxed Wedding Down the Pub!

Faye was one of my closest friends at high school, which makes that over 15 years ago if you want to make us feel old! *Yikes! When she asked me to be her wedding photographer I was extremely excited that I was going to be apart of her wedding day!  

Rebecca & Andrew’s Country Garden Wedding at Combe Manor

Andrew and Rebecca first met when she worked in the health club opposite his office. Their first date was walking along the canal path in Kintbury with the dogs.  She says this was a test of sorts, to see if the dogs liked him. If they did then he was a keeper!

Amy & Sam's Cornish Tea Party Wedding

I think this has got me to one of my favourite weddings I have photographed. Not because Amy and Sam are a wonderful couple who have been together for over 10 years, but because their wedding brought so many people together. Everything about Amy & Sam's wedding day was executed with absolute love and attention.

She said yes!

A few months ago I had a strange number consistently calling me, on the 3rd time I thought I better answer it. I was relieved it was not cold calling, but a lovely chap called Michael. He wanted photos of his surprise proposal in Oxford, at the same collage his girlfriend Michelle studied at. It was also where their relationship started and blossomed. The phone call was then cut short as Michael was calling me from Hong Kong!

Jason & Clair, at the Bear

When I first met Jason and Clair I was drawn into their crazy beautiful wedding plans to take place at the Bear in Hungerford, and couldn't wait to be apart of their big day!

A Wedding in an 18th-Century Cotswold Barn!

My first wedding of the season, was kick started with an awesome couple, Liz & Chris. Their wedding was set in the heart of the beautiful British countryside in a lovely old 18th-century Cotswold barn.

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