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 Food lover. Colour fanatic. World Traveller. Yoga Addict. Wine snob. Sun worshipper. DISNEY FAN. CHOCOLATE AND CAKE SCOFFER. STORY TELLER.

Hi I’m Shannon. Nice to meet you. 

I was born in South Africa and now live with my husband, Chris, Lulu the dog and Margaux the hamster. We live in the heart of the countryside in a beautiful village called Aldworth in West Berkshire. 

Ever since I can remember I used to read fairytale books and watch Disney films. I always imagined that it was me up in the high tower, on the white galloping horse, kissing the slimy frog, prancing around as the princess in the big beautiful sparkly gown ... and then I grew up!

But I never did - or had to! My job is photographing fairytales and sharing the most special day between two people amongst all their family and friends. The best bit is that I get to document and tell your fairytale story for you to remember and cherish ... “happily ever after!”

My style of photography is fun, spontaneous, colourful and vibrant. I document and capture your exciting day as it unfolds. I photograph in a very natural and unobtrusive way, but also shoot those important traditional family shots! I let your day blossom naturally capturing all the best, funny & happy moments.

SLR Photography is built on passion and instinct - I love my job (shout it from the rooftops!)

I am based in Aldworth in West Berkshire, but I am happy to travel anywhere throughout the UK or the world - my first wedding I ever photographed was in Slovakia. I love different cultures and traditions! So whether it be down the road or over the seas - I am happy to go anywhere!


“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” ― Dr. Seuss


Things I love

The smell of old photos


Laughing till I cry



Bright colours

Eating cake

Taking pictures (obviously!)



Reading in a hammock


Old traditional sweet shops

The ocean, beach, seaside - anything and everything that is on the water


Flowers - nothing like smelling a delicious rose!


Old traditional family photos (not just my own family ... all old family photos!)

Outrageous & colourful clothing

Easter egg hunts

Double rainbows

Fancy dress parties



Ice skating

Traveling to far away places

Different cultures

Friends (the programme and the real thing!)

Meeting new people

Random adventures

Making photo books from all my images

Log fire on a freezing snowy day & cuddled up watching a movie



Glass sweets


Thunder & lightning

Playing in the snow

Lying on a lilo in a pool for hours on end getting burnt

Dancing like nobody is watching

Listening to music

Learning words to a new favourite song

Walks in the countryside

Riding on the back of a motorbike

Stationery shopping


Going to art & photography galleries

Finding missing socks

Passion fruit

Singing at the top of my voice

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